Generator Alkaline Maker Rechargeable Portable Water

Hydrogen and oxygen separation technology: Electrolysis time is shorter and the parameters are more stable, which is suitable for all drinking water quality, and effectively solve the problem of residual hydrogen and oxygen after electrolysis, making drinking water safer and healthier.

3 mins electrolysis: Hydrogen-rich cup made of high-strength Eastman Tritan, making it long retention time, 3 mins to change the water quality, And depending on the water quality, hydrogen content up to 1000ppb.

Safe & Environmental protection: This hydrogen-enriched cup is made of Safe PC/AS, BPA-free, safe and pure. A hydrogen-rich cup of high-quality polymer lithium battery, that makes it longer charge life; It uses a Micro USB power connector, charging more convenient.

Disinfection function: Hydrogen-rich cups can produce oxygen-rich beauty water, disinfect the beauty, clean pesticide residues, do not produce scale.
Simple & fashion design: Hydrogen-rich cup with cup cover buckle design, better sealing, easy operation; its base with EVE pad, stable and non-slip.

  • Item Type: Water Purifier
  • Use: Pitcher
  • Water treatment machine Type: Water Purifying Machine
  • Water Yield(Liter/Minute): 0.5
  • Purifying Position: Terminal Purification
  • Power (W): 5W
  • Material: Titanium

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